leagues are forming


Enjoy being

in a league

of your own!

Starting Thursday October 14th 

Call Or Book Online To Join The League

$135.00 Per Person For 8 Weeks  

How The Leagues Work
No need to form teams, leagues are individually scored
Leagues run for 8 consecutive weeks, starting Thursday October 7th

Practice throws start at 6:00 and end at 7:00
competition begins at 7:00
Things DO come up, so this is subject to change but you will be notified in advance.
Each week for 7 weeks, players will compete in 4 matches generating points.

Each Match consists of 10 throws total, or 2 rounds of 5 throws.
Playoffs on week 8, players will participate in a single elimination tournament.

You are allowed 2 excused absence, any other absences will result in forfeiting your scheduled matches.
Although not necessary, league members are encouraged to bring their own axe that falls within the NATF or WATL standards weighing less then 3lbs and a total length 12 to 19 inches and the face (blade) no larger than 4.75”.  Approved Axes are available for sale in house. League members will receive a 10% discount on axes
League regulations will fall under the Watl Standards and rules

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